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Whatever your personal definition of doomsday happens to be, our Underground Bunkers and Safety Shelters are built for your protection and the protection of your family. There are so many threats to our safety, both natural and man-made, isn’t it time you begin to take the necessary steps needed to protect your family?

DoomsDay Underground Bunkers can provide that protection for you and your family at an affordable price. Our underground bunkers come in standard sizes but can be customized to fit your particular needs and budget.

Our Underground Bunkers are equipped with a long list of standard equipment that our competition considers extras. They will charge you accordingly for those extras. The standard equipment that comes with our Underground Bunkers is added into the base price up front, there are no hidden charges for these items. Please see our Products and Services tabs for more detail.

We do offer extra amenities if you are looking for a little more of the comforts of home. We also offer Site Survey Analysis and Consultation Services with your contractor to make the installation of your DoomsDay Underground Bunker as smooth as possible.

Shipping, Site Survey, Consultations, and Installation of the Underground Bunker are not included in the base price. The estimated shipping charges will be included in your request for quote. We can include estimates for the other services we offer with the quote as well.

We do not offer installation of the DoomsDay Underground Bunkers as this time, but we do have a list of certified, licensed contractors in some parts of the country that we can refer you to. We are partnered with a logistics company who can deliver to all of our service areas. Our logistic partner is retired military and understands the importance of family protection, safety, and foremost security. You will want to ensure the security of your chosen site. We will do everything in our power to keep your location within a tight circle of associates. We have Non-Disclosure Agreements in place with all of our employees and sub-contractors.


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